We understand what it’s like to leave the military without a college degree or a professional network to utilize when leaving the military.


Until now, navigating your transition out of the military was bombarded with resume writing workshops, boring job fairs, and people telling you how they think you should transition. With Victor, we give you the tools to find the opportunities that are most important to you.

Our goal is to keep veterans and their families HAPPY, HEALTHY, EMPLOYED, and INFORMED.


No Lip Service. It’s easy to walk into any business with a “now hiring” sign posted on the door, but finding meaningful employment where you feel like part of a team, can be difficult. With Victor, we work with organizations and employers who have been vetted to ensure they offer what they say.

IT’S FREE. Unlike some of our competitors, our service is free to veterans and their family members and we don’t care if you served a day or 20 years. If you signed the enlistment papers and took the oath, we’re here to serve you.

We combine existing methods and a modern approach with technology to more effectively connect veterans with the resources and employment they want.


We use a mobile first approach with our Android an iOS application.


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