The Victor App makes it super-easy to put your business across to the thousands of companies and government agencies in our database. At a cost effective rate that guarantees you fantastic return on your investment.

Have products you may want to advertise to military or veterans?


Are you a veteran-friendly company?

Not only do we connect you with qualified veterans; the victor app is also a cost-effective platform to promote your events and activities to our vast veteran community.

Are you a military contractor?

The Victor App gives you exclusive access to a vetted veteran community looking for specific services.

How to Verify Profile on the Victor app?

Download the Victor Tech Inc. app -> Main Menu -> Verify your Profile -> Create an Username -> Enter the require Information
-> Opt-in to the interests you ar looking for -> Send It.

Can I use Victor App to find people to thank me for my service?

No, we built you an app so you can worry about other things.

Can Victor help me write a civilian resume?

Is Victor App only for veterans with Honorable Discharges?

No, we focus on helping organizations who specialize in resume writing, connect with veterans and family members who need such services.
No, we understand that sometimes things happen when you’re young and dumb, but at the end of the day you swore an oath to protect our country with your life, and that’s good enough for us.

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